Hi! My name is Egey Levy


and I want to formally welcome you to this website of mine. Before I go into its purpose, first I’ll tell you a little about myself.

The Basics

I’m located in the Northern Virginia area and am a graduate of George Mason University with a BS in Information Technology. In my studies I concentrated on Information Security, but I greatly enjoy:
web design
graphic design

My employment title is “Junior Sales Engineer”, but I identify myself as a passionately driven human being. I love technology and its capabilities because it can enhance the human experience.

“I look for areas in life where my love for creativity/art and interest in technology can intersect to either create something beautiful or do something meaningful”


The Idea

In the Winter of 2014/2015 I decided to create this web space to host an environment where my interests and passions could be used to inspire others. I began to be frustrated with social media as the limitations of expression and the image driven ideology of its users became more apparent. This led me to create a place where a young business man that: DJs weddings, takes photos wherever he goes, helps out in church youth group, collects vintage drums, loves to longboard, and is teaching himself guitar; can also speak professionally about technology or perhaps the ridiculous amount of debt that many college graduates have and how a plausible alternative would greatly help in creating a more education friendly America.

Yes… that was a huge sentence, but that sentence captures my point:

“I’m a multi-faceted individual, and being restricted to the pre-determined expressions of social media didn’t adequately capture my vision”


The Purpose

With that being said, this website is an adventure of mine where I will learn to live in the “borderland” of life.

cue John Mark McMillan’s “Borderland

egey.io will be home to my journey as a human being that perceives life through the perspectives of faith, logic, and art to be of value to society. This place will be the epicenter of my de-compartmentalization of life.

So thank you for reading this far, and I hope that you’ll continue to stick with me as I learn how to use this as a tool to spark conversation and community around the human experience. Whether you’re into photos, graphics, music, technology, social issues, faith, DJ mixes, or well thought out blog posts, I hope that something here will resonate with you enough to reach out and talk with me. I love hearing about people and their passions.

Feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment!

Peace and Blessings,

About Egey

Egey is a forward-thinking business creative. He is a George Mason University graduate of the BS Information Technology program, and is passionate about technology and its ability to connect, support, and inspire individuals in everyday life. His deep interest and appreciation of faith, logic, and art greatly influence how he approaches his community. Egey enjoys jazz music and a quality cup of coffee alongside his work.

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