Grandad Style Intro: What is Style?

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Hi friends! It’s been a while, but I’m excited to pick up where we left off and continue to use this space to share some of the musings in my mind as well as collaborate with you.

Quick background on the title before we dive in…

Lately after posting some pictures on Instagram from my engagement shoot as well as some on my little style page @grandadstyle, I’ve gotten some requests from friends to do some type of style blog. First off, it’s really encouraging that people would think I have enough going on in the style department to think that a style blog from me would be interesting. But what pushed me over the edge to do this was the fact that my view point on style coincides with my outlook on life and the way I engage with the world.

Before I get too deep into this too early, I want you to know that I’ll be adding my thoughts on style and what it means to me more consistently here in subsequent posts. I hope it’ll be a space where you can get some insight into how I approach my wardrobe, but more importantly be opened up to developing a sense of style that is unique, comfortable, and also coherent with your values.

photo by: Victoria Heer Photography

Style... what do you mean?

Great question! My personal definition for style is:

“the particular manner by which something or someone is presented, with the purpose of communicating the subject’s distinguishing qualities”

The parts of this definition I’ve accentuated are important. The particular manner that you choose to present yourself matters. The choices you make regarding the way you do your hair, the style shoes you put on, and the choice in bracelets or socks all say something to the world.

Being aware of the fact that you’re always saying something through your presentation should lead you to ask, “Well what am I communicating?” This is step 1. Understanding what you’re saying with your daily choices regarding clothing and other seemingly basic things is important, because it leads to the most important question… “What do I want to say?”

This thought process directs you to the last portion of my definition regarding the purpose of communicating a subject’s distinguishing qualities. For me, my choices in the way I dress allow me to communicate that I respect myself and the people I’m interacting with by wearing clothes that show I’ve considered the forum and context we’re meeting in. My choices also show that I’m not too keen on clothes that are associated with corporate establishments. You’ll probably never see me where a dark blue, fully-lined pinstripe suit with shoulder pads and a bold red tie. That wardrobe automatically communicates old white wall street to me and that’s not a culture I want to be associated with.

My main point about all of this is that style is about you and who you are. It’s about communicating your identity to the world around you. The difference between style and fashion is that style is timeless and rooted in an individual. I can wear the same suit and fedora, but never has the same style that Frank Sinatra had.

People with style look at their wardrobe from a longevity and quality driven perspective. People with style invest in specific pieces to expand their palette of expression, allowing them to continue to communicate a holistic message about who they are, not just who they draw inspiration from. Individuals with style have an individual style. That’s what draws us to Kanye who wears washed out denim, suede chelsea boots, and a double breasted blazer.

I think this is a good natural stopping point. This is only an introduction into how I see and think about style. What you can expect from me going forward is my thoughts on topics like tailoring, denim, vintage/thrift, military inspiration, style icons, the actions of a gentleman, home decor (with help of superbae) etc. I hope this little subsection regarding style inspires you to be more creative and intentional with yourself… and to most of all have fun developing and curating different expressions that communicate who you are.

Peace and blessings.

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  • Jimmy says:

    This is exactly why I think one’s wardrobe and presentation is so important without it being about materialism. The definition of style, it’s differentiation from fashion – so clearly and beautifully stated. Great read!

    • Egey says:

      Thanks Jimmy! That’s what I was shooting for. There’s many resources out there around how to dress yourself so you’re in trend, but there doesn’t seem to be much around dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel genuine and authentic to who you are. I’m hoping I can create some conversation around dressing ourselves in a way that’s fun and makes us feel confident.

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